Saturday, February 14, 2009

Post 14 -- Why Me?

Don't ever... EVER ask this question.

You'll never find the answer, and it will only serve to expend time, energy and resolve you'll otherwise need to face whatever situation you are in.

I've learned long ago not to ask that question. Instead, focus on accepting your current situation and develop the resolve to adapt to and then overcome the situation.

I'm proud to admit that I've never once asked myself this question. There is no answer. Things happen... in my case (with this cancer) genetics happened. Chromosomes 14 and 18 are translocated (switched). While this didn't give me the cancer, it made me susceptible to some external environmental factor that did give me this cancer. I wish I knew what the external factor was, so I could tell others to avoid it like the plague, but I don't.

Now, don't get me wrong... I've had a couple of "this sucks" moments, but that's different. They only last long enough to complete the thought/sentence. Then I move on to "what do I need to do to beat this?" or some other positive/constructive course of action.

I dare someone to go through anything adverse and not have a couple "this sucks" moments.

I've told several people the following thought, and I honestly believe this...

Better me, than someone else.

And here are my reasons:

- I have the financial strength to deal with this -- apparently a very good insurance plan.
- I have the physical strength to deal with this -- I'm relatively young and very healthy.
- I have the emotional strength to deal with this -- this is not the first hardship I'd been dealt.
- I have the support strength to deal with this -- all of my friends and family have been and will continue to be supportive of me.

I suppose the moral of this post is to not waste your time and energy wallowing in self-pity... it never helps and more often than not is detrimental in some way.

The second moral is to choose your parents wisely... genetics can be a real bummer. I did not choose wisely. That sucks!

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