Sunday, March 1, 2009

Post 16 -- Chemo Session 4

OK... I've finished chemo #4. Nothing new... felt crappier than last time, but not unexpected.

Speaking with Dr. Dan about my maintenance therapies, I apparently have several potential options, including 2 or 3 clinical trials. We'll wait until after the 6th chemo and see what the test results show.

As for the next round of tests... I have another PET scan scheduled for March 20th. That was the scheduled day for chemo #5, but Dr. Dan wanted to give chemo #4 the full 3 weeks to work. He's hopeful that the PET scan will show the cancer to be all but completely gone. Time will tell, but I am hopeful.

As for the 5K, Dr. Dan would prefer that I not run... he's worried that I'll over exert myself training for it... Yes, to run a 5K, I will have to train... I definitely could not run one today.

So, true to my form, I printed out the registration form once I got back to the office, and will be mailing it in on Monday.

Because of the PET scan scheduled on the same day chemo #5 was to be received, that means the final two sessions will be pushed back by one week. My final chemo will now be on April 17th. This gives me 5 weeks to recover from my final treatment. I will start to run sometime probably near the end of March (before session 5), and then take a week or so after session 5 off to recover strength.

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