Monday, January 5, 2009

Post 2 -- Update/Catch-Up

OK... I warned you I wasn't the greatest at timely updates. I will try to do better.

In addition, I had questions about whether I wanted to continue this blog. I'm generally a private person -- Yes, I already had another blog, but it's relatively anonymous and generally about people other than me, and not me directly. Anyway, being a private person, I wasn't sure I wanted everyone who reads my original blog to know I had cancer. I suppose this weekend (thanks to events outside of my control), I had an epiphany... While I won't shout it from any mountain tops, I don't really care who knows.

Now the good stuff; since my first post, here is what has happened.

11/13/08 - told I have Follicular Lymphoma

11/25/08 - met with my Oncologist (Dr. Dan). Discussed things in general terms...
- what the stages are and what each means (stages are "how far along is it")
- what the grades are and what each means (grades are "how aggressive is it")
- what types of Chemotherapy are available and pros/cons for each
- what are Dr. Dan's philosophies on treatment
- what are my (and the wife's) philosophies on treatment
- what tests I would be undergoing and why
- scheduled said tests

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