Monday, January 5, 2009

Post 3 -- Bone Marrow Biopsy

12/2/08 - bone marrow biopsy.

Yes, it is as bad as you think. Basically, they took a surgical steel cork screw, and screwed it into my hip, removing a core sample. They numb the area, but they can only really numb tissue and muscle... the bone, nope, not numb.

Funny story... they allowed the wife to stay in the room while they did this procedure. She "almost" passed out. I say almost, because technically she did not lose consciousness, but the medical staff all but carried her into another room, and there is a 5~10 minute period of time where she has no recollection of things, such as being carried to another room.

I, however, made it through, and even went back to work -- I had them schedule this test over the lunch period, so that I would not miss any time (or very little). I had to argue with the wife and the medical staff, but in the end, the doctor was OK with it, so long as I could deal with the pain.

My whole plan/philosophy through this whole thing is that this cancer will not have an adverse affect on me or my life. Obviously, that's not true, but where I can minimize the affects I will. I scheduled all the tests for either over the lunch period, or early morning hours (like 6am for some of them), so as to minimize the amount to time missed from work.

Now, let me say, this whole not missing work is my idea. My boss (and friend), is very supportive of me during this time, and would not say a word if I either had to take time off, or come in somewhat late.

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